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Lenovo Repairs Perth by Computer Mechanics

The Lenovo Yoga is a hugely popular laptop – it’s now the model Computer Mechanics repair most often. If you have a Yoga, ThinkPad or IdeaPad notebook that needs repair we can service it. We’re also starting to see a number of Lenovo’s All-in-One (AIO) IdeaCentres. These have similar issues to laptops (except keyboards!) – and you can upgrade them in a similar way.

There is no official Lenovo service centre in the Perth CBD but you can drop your laptop off at our East Perth workshop for rapid turnaround and affordable repairs or upgrades. If you’ve got a network or internet connectivity issue it’s probably best if we visit you at your premises. Best to give us a phone call and discuss first. 9325 1196.

For all hardware fixes of course, we’ll need to open up your laptop/ultrabook – broken or cracked screens can be replaced and don’t feel bad – you are not Robinson Crusoe in spilling coffee, water, tea, red wine or sticky cordial on your keyboard. In newer Lenovos, like the Legion or X1 Carbon, a problem with an individual key will probably require a whole keyboard panel replacement. With older units we may be able to engineer a lower cost solution.


We take some pride in turning around the job quickly and we hold some parts in stock. If we can fix it locally you’ll have your Yoga back the same day you drop it off.

There is one other known issue. The hinges on Lenovo ThinkPads and Yogas often break. These have multiple attachment points and can be quite time-intensive to repair. Unfortunately a broken hinge often makes a laptop unusable – there’s no workaround.

If your Lenovo won’t boot or has other power issues you’ll be pleased to hear almost all power issues get solved. Battery failure is a common problem – if they last more than three years you’ve done well. In a best-case scenario it’s just an issue with what people call the power thingy that the cable connects to.

Noisy fans can be easily replaced; it’s the most likely point of failure due to bumps or rugged use. They get dislodged but can be easily replaced.

Lenovo has the same range of software issues that other brands have – currently people are having difficulties installing Windows 10 upgrades. That’s one of those issues that is usually a quick fix but sometimes needs further troubleshooting.

Look forward to helping you with your problem; message us or call on 9325 1196. We have technicians who actually talk on the telephone.

Lenovo is a registered trademark and trade name. Computer Mechanics makes no representation that it is associated with Lenovo. No suggestion is made that Computer Mechanics is a licensed repair facility.